Stay on the Safe Path with Home Loan Health Checks

I’ve been sitting at home, full of the flu, wondering where my blogging may lead me next…what seems obvious to my lateral thinking brain is Loan Health Checks. Let me explain.Home Loan

For the vast majority of people, your home is your biggest and costliest asset. This Home Loan debt, in one form or another, covers a significant part of your lifetime.

Let me put it another way. You’d get your car serviced at least yearly, maybe your air conditioning or pool if you have them, yet I’d estimate probably 80-90% of people would never entertain getting their home loan reviewed on a regular basis.

It may just be for the simple reassurance of knowing you’re still on the right track or more significantly to ensure you’re not paying more fees or interest than you could be.

As you’d gather from my other blogs, or if you know me in general, I’m very big on making informed decisions.

You don’t need to know all the information, just be willing to ask those who can help. Maybe it’s a fear of looking silly, I don’t know really, but to me anyway, if you find out you’ve been paying thousands more in interest than you could have, you may feel a bit uncomfortable.

There is so much in the way of news and publicity these days about people struggling financially. Surely, this should mean maybe getting an annual check-up on your home loan should be rather important?

I’m a Mortgage Broker, this is what I do. The goal is to always get you into the most suitable loan, but loans, products, interest rates and banks change. There is no cost to have a chat with me, we can sit down over a cup and just make sure everything is where it should be. A once a year conversation to keep you up to date should be a priority, even as I said before, just to be reassured you’re still on the right path.

Peace of mind is a big thing and shouldn’t be ignored.

Just my humble opinion, of course.