Own a Debt-Free, $1.5 Million Property Portfolio in 6 Years

As a mortgage broker, I feel that it is my responsibility to keep up on developments in both banking and real estate, not only in my home area of Rockingham, Baldivis and Kwinana but across Australia. Recently, I came upon a piece in Your Investment Property Magazine about how to amass a debt-free … [Read more...]

House Sales in Perth Rise Near the City

Many people, including us, have written about the record median home price for the Perth market. You may not know this but Perth housing prices are higher than the $515,000 median price recorded during the mining boom. Along with Sydney, Perth is the only other capital city where housing prices are … [Read more...]

Tips for Buying Your Next Car

At Smartline Mortgage Brokers Rockingham, we have a great reputation as mortgage brokers who provide home loans in our home area: Rockingham, Kwinana and Baldivis. However, many people don’t know that we have other products in the area of personal finance, such as car loans for new or used motor … [Read more...]

Can You Own Your First Investment Property in Your 20’s?

As seasoned mortgage brokers who have seen a lot of home loans in the Rockingham, Baldivis and Kwinana areas, we have noticed some interesting trends. One of those we find the most exciting is the trend for people in their 20’s to start out as small investors.Why You Should Buy Investment … [Read more...]

Selling Your Home? Don’t Make This Mistake!

Mortgage brokers and real estate agents report a surprising trend, not only in the Rockingham, Kwinana and Baldivis areas but across the real estate market in general — the first offer a seller receives on a home is, more often than not, the best offer he or she receives.This flies in the face … [Read more...]

Avoid Capital Gains Tax Whilst Renting Out Your Property

When you rent out an investment property, you are responsible for paying tax on capital gains if you sell the property. Whenever capital gains are greater than losses for an income year, you are responsible for capital gains tax (CGT). CGT is loosely defined as the tax that you are charged on any … [Read more...]

A Guide to Understanding Stamp Duty

As a mortgage broker who helps people obtain home loans in the Rockingham, Baldivis and Kwinana areas, my primary duties are to work with lenders to find you the right possible home loan for your situation. However, I am often asked a lot of questions about other facets of buying a home. One of … [Read more...]

Essential Steps to Buying an Investment Property

Our mortgage brokers have a lot of experience in writing home loans for investors in Rockingham, Baldivis and Kwinana. We have noticed that many first-time investors come in woefully unprepared to buy investment property, so we would like to provide some tips for inexperienced … [Read more...]

Moving Out: An Important Rite of Passage

James Eaves, Rockingham Mortgage Broker gives helpful advice about moving away from the familiarThe idea of buying a first home sounds exciting enough but once the wheels are in motion, the reality can be a bit scary.For first time homeowners, the process can often be intimidating. James … [Read more...]

Why turn to James Eaves for your Finance Solutions?

The Rockingham native assists through the home loans process.MFAA Approved Mortgage Broker James Eaves is a more than 30 year native of the Rockingham area. Not only is he a pillar of the community but he is well versed in the home loans and mortgage process. Here is how he can best assist … [Read more...]